Family Testimonials
Alhambra Care Center, Inc is a small village with a family atmosphere and a professional staff committed to providing Quality Trusted Nursing Home Care.
My family is very happy with the quality of care that our Mother is receiving.  This is truly her home away from home. Emphasis is placed on providing  the utmost care in safety and security of our Mother's needs. 

-Brenda Smith, Roxana
My mother has been a resident at Alhambra Care Center for nearly two years.  When she first entered she was in a wheel chair, she was depressed, not interested in socalizing and her diabetes was not under control.  I am very happy to say that mom is now walking with a walker, she enjoys and attends the daily activities and entertainment and her diabetes has greatly improved.
You must  really witness to believe how dedicated and loving the entire staff is to all of the residents no matter what their needs are.
My family and I definitely believe they have prolonged and enhanced my mother's life.  Every day we are very thankful for the Alhambra Care Unit.

-The Cannedy Family
Brenda visiting with her mother, Ruth

Ruth and Alma enjoying activities.

Alhambra Care Center's Administrator, Nurses, Aides, Housekeeping, Laundry, Kitchen and Activities-Thank you so much for the care and affection each and every one of you showed to our Mother, Mary LouThomas.  Our peace of mind knowing the good, attentive,and wonderful care she was receiving while there is unmeasurable.  We are so thankful to each and every one!

Rhonda Thomas and Nancy Thomas
Daughters of Mary Lou Thomas
Nancy and Rhonda with Angela Schumacher, Director of Nursing